LAND CRUISER 55/60/80/100/200 series are belong to Station Wagon.
Station Wagon is bigger than Heavy Duty and Light Duty. Comparing LAND CRUISER 200 ZX and LAND CRUISER 70 BAN, it is easy to find the differences.

LAND CRUISER ZX is 20% heavier than LAND CRUISER 70 BAN. The size of LAND CRUISER ZX is bigger than LAND CRUISER 70 BAN. The difference is about 10 cm each aspect. Displacement of LAND CRUISER ZX is bigger than LAND CRUISER 70 BAN. LAND CRUISER ZX is more powerful.

LAND CRUISER ZX has Full-time 4WD. But LAND CRUISER 70 BAN has Part-time 4WD. Full-time 4WD system is that all times four wheels are powered. So LAND CRUISER ZX can be driven stably even if it is on the off-road. Of course on the paved road, you can drive LAND CRUISER ZX stably. But about fuel consumption, LAND CRUISER 70 (BAN) is better than LAND CRUISER ZX due to the system of 4WD.


Weight: 2,690 kg
Length: 4,950 mm
Width: 1,980 mm
Height: 1,870 mm
Wheel base: 2,850 mm

Displacement: 4.608L
Maximum Power(Net): 234kW/5,600r.p.m
Maximum Torque(Net): 460N-m(46.9kgf-m)/3,400r.p.m

Drive: Full-time 4WD


Weight: 2,120 kg
Length: 4,810 mm
Width: 1,870 mm
Height: 1,920 mm
Wheel base: 2,730 mm

Displacement: 3.955L
Maximum Power(Net): 170kW/5,200r.p.m
Maximum Torque(Net): 360N-m(36.7kgf-m)/3,800r.p.m

Drive: Part-time 4WD
Thus if you drive on off-road frequently, STATION WAGON should be chosen. If you drive on paved road than off-road and want to save fuel consumption, HEAVY DUTY is better than STATION WAGON.